Castle Miner Z Wiki

The Mothership itself

a player near the mothership

The Alien Mothership is a large crash site biome found in hell at around 3600 blocks from the origin. Entering the structure is somewhat safe until a player finds space goo. Once goo is seen in the ship, players must make a hasty defense in order to obtain their space goo or fall back to save their items. It's best to have a full squad when trying to obtain space goo so in case if you do die with a full inventory your squadmates can retrieve your stuff for you when you respawn.

The myth

The Alien Mothership was originally thought to be a distinct biome, but it is actually just a large crash site biome. It appears to float because there is no primary biome in the area, so the elevation of the ground is below the surface of the meteor. The chances of this biome spawning are greatest at just before a distance of 3600.[1]


  • Breaching above it is more dangerous then breaching the sides of it, Since attacking above will be too predictable and will have players overwhelmed before they reach the space goo. Attacking the sides will be easier since they don't spawn unless your near goo which gives your squad a little more time to mine before the aliens start spawning.
  • Aliens Have a Thick Exoskeleton and will rush players until all of them are fallen.
  • It is also good to know that if you need diamond; diamond is a drop from aliens, you can efficiently grind for some diamonds by killing them. Laser weapons are recommended, especially ammo-efficient shotguns and rifles.