A player armed with a Bloodstone Assault Rifle.

The Assault Rifle is a 30 bullet-per-mag, fully-automatic rifle that has some of the highest damage in the game. With the large magazine size, it is easy to mow down groups of mobs.

The model of the Assault Rifle is based on the main assault rifle of the Russian Army: the AK-47, which is a very popular assault rifle in videogames and media. The Assault Rifle was given a powerful zoom feature in 1.4.3, and zooms in more than the Rifle.


The Assault Rifle is one of the most powerful weapons in the game so far, and it's capable of bringing a dragon down in just a few mags (obviously dependent on what dragon you are currently fighting).

The Player shooting his Assault Rifle for no apparent reason.

Assault Rifle

Another Bloodstone Assault Rifle

How to ObtainEdit

NOTE: The Assault Rifle promo code in CastleMiner has been replaced with the promo code for Creative Mode. You can no longer obtain this code unless you have bought the game early.

It can be crafted using 5 iron and 3 wood to make a standard assault rifle.

This is a weapon that can previously be acquired by entering the "Assault Rifle Code" from the bottom of the main menu for CastleMiner 'Classic'. CastleMiner 'Classic' can be bought for 80 Microsoft Points, which has had a redemption code for the assault rifle in CastleMiner Z. This code allows you to spawn with an assault rifle, as well as your pistol and knife. The Castle Miner (original) code has been traded out for the creative mode code in Castle Miner Z. Like all other weapons, it has 5 types: Standard, Gold, Diamond, Bloodstone, & Laser. Each are more powerful than the first. The gun needs bullets one tier lower than it. For example, bloodstone uses diamond bullets, diamond uses gold bullets, etc.


The reload for the assault rifle is the second slowest of all guns in the game, behind the LMG. It takes 5 seconds to fully reload the assault rifle regardless of whether or not the mag was fully empty.


  • It's perhaps the most cliché weapon to appear on CastleMiner Z to date, as it is widely implemented in other FPSs like Call of Duty and Battlefield.
  • A first look at it can easily mistaken it for an AK-74 since they almost share the same butt stock.
  • It's the Most liked and Heavily used Firearm in Castleminer Z and was Voted as the Best Firearm in the Polls.
  • The assault rifle is modeled after the Russian Automatic Kalashnikov 47.