• Bread1129

    (Play Video, if you want. Maybe read while you have that song in another tab or something.)  One day, on January 9th, 2018, I came across the Castleminer Z wiki, and i just find it sad, really. This wiki was alive, a group of people who liked a game. Then, about 6-7 years pass, and its a ghost town. Nobody's coming here to bulldoze this here abandoned building. There's no need, as nobody really cares about this place anymore. I would say the reason i made this was because of a thread, of people talking about the future of this place, and how they will stay to manage it. I'm probably the last person who came to this wiki and did something instead of trolling in years. Rest In Peace, you useless wiki. 


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  • Bread1129


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  • PadThaiDay

    God Game

    November 7, 2017 by PadThaiDay

    Roblox Is Better

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  • JamesDaRac3R

    Some of my ideas might not be approval or still needs some time to make, but all I wanted was to help the community to make it better.


    CLIP CAPACITY PER RELOAD FOR ASSAULT RIFLE: 60 Bullets instead of 30 Bullets

    CLIP CAPACITY PER RELOAD FOR SUB MACHINE GUN: 30 Bullets instead of 20 Bullets

    CLIP CAPACITY PER RELOAD FOR LIGHT MACHINE GUN: 200 Bullets instead of 100 Bullets

    CLIP CAPACITY PER RELOAD FOR SHOTGUN: 16 Bullets instead of 8 Bullets

    CLIP CAPACITY PER RELOAD FOR RIFLE: 20 Bullets instead of 10 Bullets

    CLIP CAPACITY PER RELOAD FOR PISTOL: 16 Bullets instead of 8 Bullets

    WATER: A clear liquid that lets the players swim, but if they stay underwater for too long, they will lose health and more likely to drown.

    VOID: If the player falls int…

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  • GrandmasterCM

    Xbox 360

    August 12, 2014 by GrandmasterCM

    Are you still making updates for the Xbox version, or have you stopped? I was really looking forward to the future updates on the xbox.

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  • Shadowkiller168

    Really alone and desolate when someone can become a top contributor in less than an hour.

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  • TheGamingInferno

    Hello Everyone Viewing this Journal,

    I haven't done much today except for getting angry over dying in Castle Miner Z on creative and writing my first blog post. This blog will be daily, so I am going to tell you a bit about myself.

    My name is Antoni and I will not tell you my second name, because first my parents will not let me and second my surname is very very rare, so anyone could find out who I am and anything could happen, for example, getting my identity stolen, being kidnapped and a lot more rubbish.

    I am a PC and an Xbox 360 gamer. All of the games I have are:

    • Minecraft
    • Battlefield 4
    • Tomb Raider: Unfinished Business
    • Unreal II: The Awakening
    • The Sims 2
    • The Sims 2: Pets
    • The Sims 2: University
    • The SIms 2: Nightlife
    • The Sims 2: Bon Voyage
    • The Sims…

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  • XEyelessJacK


    January 24, 2014 by XEyelessJacK

    Idk if anyone else is gonna complain about this except ME, But Im A seriously loyal fan to castleminer Z and there is something wrong with indie devlopers thinking this up, Hey guys lets make it so when people buy avatar warfar they start with an rpg in castleminer z every game, well heres the catch -.- PEOPLE BUY AVATAR WARFAR FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF STARTING WITH THE RPG, JOINING RANDOM PEOPLE GAMES AND EFFING KILLING THEM AND TAKING EVERYTHING THEY DROPPED AND LEAVING THE GAME AND THEN DOING IT OVER AND OVER TILL THEY GET BORED OF IT, WTF WTF WHICH ONE OF THE INDIE DEVOLOPERS THOUGHT THIS WAS A COOL IDEA?? NO! JUST NO! Im not being an ass im being a SERIOUS fan of castleminer Z and im pointing out a SERIOUS AND I MEAN SERIOUS Issue with…

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  • Shadeslayer900


    November 17, 2013 by Shadeslayer900

    Yep, sitting here player castleminers Z, and im bored

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  • Jason.stapleton.79

    Heya guys I would like to state that my youtube channel is Spiroclone gaming so head there for some  tutorials anyway... I would like to have in castleminer z MOAR WEPONS and better rpgs maybe a mounted turret  And maybe a helicopter .oh before i forget none of this is confirmed just something i would like. And maye like aliens have a sort of boss coz it would be more like aliens! and also maybe horses ect ect ect I would only like to add to this wiki as castleminer z is the main attraction to my channel anyway i am not trying to spam i am just saying There will be more stuff on my channel plus i will do anything on my channel and then whatever i find out i will share with the wiki  Please help me kill the undead dragon + if you want i wil…

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  • PerikiyoXD

    Hi im PerikiyoXD, (aka Peri) and im a guy that likes wikis, cause them entertain me in that sad times.

    I will help this wiki, and port this to my native language too. I think that this could be better if all who read thid works all that he can in free time.

    Dedicate at least 5 minutes checking Orthography, adding Media, Info or other.

    I believe that this wiki will have a good end, by the awesome game that i like, when watched videos of one of my favourite youtubers, vegetta77. 

    And iTowngameplay, that youtube horror channel that i found out recently that started playing this game.

    Only SIX words







    A very big rib broking hug and... Bye Bye!


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  • Viper999

    Sorry for not containing my excitement everyone, but DigitalDNA has posted a beta to their upcoming title, CastleMiner Z PC. Go to this page to access the beta link. Cheers! Viper999 (talk) 01:56, June 28, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Country side

    hello everybody this is my opinion what caslteminer z should put in future update:

    N 1 : instead of getting the mother load of stuf at 3.000 , they should make it at 5.000. for the following reason

    -airplanes :

    Reasone 1: there good and fun.

    reasone 2 : It will be the first type of it in any adventure arcade games were there are enemies , etc.

    reasone 3: it will bring more players.

    THOSE AIRPLANES SHOULD HAVE: 2 seats , and a gunner. however making the airplane, lets say you need 30 bloodstone, 45 iron, 15 wood, 35 of coal,60 sticks, and a little bit more of stuf. (only the airplane). for the gunner you have to make the gun ( most likely light machine gun), lets say you need gold bullets, iron,bloodstone, etc.Then you maunt it by pressing , lest…

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  • Country side

    Z gaming

    June 23, 2013 by Country side

    going to play castleminerZ, can not wait. i cant belive my friends also bout the game. at first they hated it but know they love it . more updates, more updates, more ...... :)

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  • Patriot868

    So, over the course of many hours of CastleMiner Z, me and a couple of my friends have crafted a very deep story for it.

    Bloodstone.... It all has to do with bloodstone. Not only is it a hard, nearly indestructibile metal, but it can also be used to power devices(Such as the teleporter). Bloodstone is valued by the UEG(United Earth Government), but its rare on other worlds. So when they discovered that a planet had a massive deposit of it readily avalible, they leapt with joy.

    They sent colonists down to exploit it. The dragons, however, were not happy about it.

    The dragons were the orignial inhabitants of the planet, guarding it. For deep below the surface, lay the fallen one, the Undead dragon. The dragons waged a massive war agansit the Hu…

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  • Dan67

    Rule 8

    May 17, 2013 by Dan67

    Rule 8 will be a new rule to restrict excessive editing for badges, while its okay to edit on this wiki it's not advised to just edit for badges instead of providing information.

    Users if you love being competive then please do it at a steady pace instead of spamming categories or edits unless your adding new information or fixing misspellings.

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  • Tman030

    The 1.5 update

    May 1, 2013 by Tman030

    What i think about the 1.5 update is that aliens crash sites can be found any where after 300 distance, the alien can be killed with gold weapons or higher. They can do up to 8 hearts of damage in one hit. when Digital DNA games said that they would make dragons harder to kill, i think the made the forest dragon easier to kill

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  • The General Goods Gamer

    So, me and my friends all joined together in Castleminer Z, and we tried to make it to Hell and back.

    SO,we spent 7 days gathering supplies, and we set off. Day one is actually the 8th day on the world.

    And the big rule is:

    1. On the way to Hell, if you die, then you can't come back until we reach the borders of hell.

    Day 1:

    As night fell in the desert, we were brutally assaulted by Zombies. Nobody died, but we lost alot of ammunition. We decided to leg it to the mountains, as the moon finally dissapeared. We will set up camp in the mountains today.

    Day 2:

    We lost 5 team members today:

    • Somebody thought it was smart to roam the valleys during night.
    • Another was surrounded, and in horror,ran--- right off the mountain.
    • 3 people were killed in the attac…

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  • Harrisonalvey

    Dragon glitch

    March 25, 2013 by Harrisonalvey

    I found out a

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  • Aceracer123

    i was mucking about on Creative earlier and found that the laser pistol kills the regular dragon in only a couple of shot. i prefer the green and yellow-y lasers to the rest. 

    i also tried out c4.... blew me and all the rest of my stuff up.

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  • Aceracer123


    March 14, 2013 by Aceracer123

    Hey. this my first blog post....

    Just tried endurance. got to 1500 before getting overwhelmed which im pretty pleased with. By the way does anyone know when the next update is coming?

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  • Alex Lioce

    As we know, there will be a update, I don't know when, but to my opinion, here is my ideas on what they should add to a future update.

    • The Axe used in the game will be renamed to "Hatchet", a new "Axe" will be added (See Axe below in "New Weapons") and there will be a  "Bloodstone Hatchet "
    • The Knife used in the game will be renamed to Combat Knife  and will have a reskin that will look like 
    • Every weapon will have a basis information for everyone to view it (what type of is, what damage does it have, ETC).

    • Toogle unlimited usage for any weapon or tool
    • Toogle Invincible Health

    Axe (Image idea here)

    • Copper Axe
    • Iron Axe
    • Gold Axe
    • Diamond Axe
    • Bloodstone Axe

    Sniper Rifle (Image idea here)

    • Gold Sniper Rifle
    • Diamond Sniper Rifle
    • Bloodstone Sniper Rifle

    Lazer Sni…

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    February 11, 2013 by SUPAWADE

    Ideas for the next big update is to make armor and bows and arrows.  You can make a wooden pickaxe to get stone faster.  Thats it.

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  • Dblcut3

    Block Universe Wikia Group

    February 5, 2013 by Dblcut3


    We are starting a wikia called Block Universe. It is about games like this one. We want to know if we can advertise your wiki on every block universe wikia, if you advertise the MCPE Wiki, Eden Wiki (Maybe), and the Block Earth Official WIkia. This is a great way to get more views. Please get back to me.

    -Dblcut3 Eden Wiki Admin 22:35, February 5, 2013 (UTC)

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  • AlphaShadeHawk

    New ideas

    January 8, 2013 by AlphaShadeHawk

    Everyone knows that we need animals and water but what else. I think we need a new weapon such as a uber weapon that can destroy anything and we need the lightning to strike actual areas

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  • Tactical Cookies

    Pages Need Love Too!

    December 30, 2012 by Tactical Cookies

    Hey again. I've been surfing around the pages recently, and I've noticed some need a lot of work. I'm trying my best currently to obtain photos and more information on these items/objects, but I just want to bring it to everyone's attention. Specifically, the pages are generally: trees, ores, blocks, utility items (locator, clock etc.), and BARS. I should have most of it up by tomorrow. Happy editing :P                                                                                                                      Tactical Cookies (talk) 17:54, December 30, 2012 (UTC)Tactical Cookies

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  • Tactical Cookies

    Pictures 4 Pages

    December 30, 2012 by Tactical Cookies

    Hi there, I really love this game, so I want to make it look its best by contributing to it anyway I can; hence I'm a member on this Wiki. My point is, I'm going to be posting snapshots I've taken from in-game with my capture card, so I would appreciate any help, requests for item pictures, etc. My pictures aren't the BEST quality, but in all honesty, it's better than random copyrighted pictures stolen from Google Images. I'm trying my hardest to get images for every page, like trees, lanterns, tools, weapons, etc.


    -Tactical Cookies

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  • Viper999

    Babby's First PSA

    December 21, 2012 by Viper999

    Hello everyone, your favorite friendly neighborhood administrator here to reassure you of one of our main concerns. Recently, we had a rash of vandalism, not surprisingly of course. It is fixed as of the moment, but I posted this to remind you of how vandalizing the wiki in ANY way will result in a ban for a year at the most. Don't get inspired and get kicks, I guarantee you will be banned. So again, don't be a shitlord fellow contributers, and happy trails.

    Viper999 (talk) 02:49, December 21, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Vibrant Violet Soul

    So unfortunate..

    December 11, 2012 by Vibrant Violet Soul

    So, me and 2 friends were working together to unlock Dragon Endurance, and one was away for the last bit, and the other died trying to get to hell with me, so I had to gun my way to hell alone, and once everyone came back, they all respawned on me to fight the Undead Dragon. So, we manage to get him to come out, but I got jumped by mobs acting as bait for the dragon, one friend died, and the other who had the Anti-Dragon missile besides me died right when my countdown hit "0" and it let me respawn. Worst. Luck. Ever.

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  • Hector darkhazzard

    My wiki name may be Hector darkhazzard, but my xbox 360 gamer tag is fearleswarrior4. if you want to be my friend, ask and i will say yes. i am in need of friends because i am going to go around the world in castle miner z.

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    I am looking to join or create an experienced team. I want to travel to hell on earth and I have only managed to get just past the mountains (on my own) and its really frustrating. I want a team so we can watch each others back's, help with resources and play most days.

    If you have a team i can join already or think your a good team player and want to play with me message me back or add me on XBL my GT is PASS THE LEMON

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  • Dan67

    Castleminer Z timeline

    October 19, 2012 by Dan67
    • 001- Christmas time, People buying christmas gifts and par taking in fun events
    • 002- Christmas Ends, Reports of Sickness and Insane Behavior have been heard in Numerous Hospitals
    • 003- Rioting and looting breaks out in the suburbs, Most believe it's a Civil Unrest and Starts sending in local police to handle the situation.
    • 004- Hospitals are overwhelmed with Patients containing the Infection somewhat related to Psychois and Mad Cow diease, People are ordered to wear Masks over there face and keep themselves clean at all times
    • 005- Doctors say that the patients are expericening serious Psychois along with Hostility, Police personal are required to cover parts of their arms and legs with a thick text tile to avoid further infection
    • 006- The Death …
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  • Viper999

    New Content

    October 12, 2012 by Viper999

    Hope y'all is as excited as I am for the update, 'cuz we just got new content for our pages, especially gameplay demonstrations. Check out these pages for the latest in CastleMiner Z news:

    Alien Crash Site Biome



    Energy Based Weapons

    CastleMiner Facebook

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  • Ninjaminerman

    New Team

    October 1, 2012 by Ninjaminerman
    • Good builders, so the base can be good
    • Experinced people, so people don't steal other people, so stuff out of their crates
    • I want you to try to have a mic its ochay if you dont im gettin one soon
    • their's two groups survival mode and endurance mode
    Read it ,Breath it, Live it Read more >
  • Shadow Lurker99


    September 24, 2012 by Shadow Lurker99

    Hello, I was wondering what is your favorite type of unit and what kind in

    Castle Miner Z. I havn't seen anything exciting happen recently soooo

    jus wondering.:O

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  • Meantobedeath

    Mob Traps?

    August 22, 2012 by Meantobedeath

    I just had an idea granted it might not work but would it be possible to make mob traps.. i mean i know the use of the forever waited for water is ideal but im sure theres another way ? Any ideas?

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  • Dan67

    Laptop won't edit?

    August 21, 2012 by Dan67

    Hey does anybody know why theirs a never ending loading screen when i try to edit or comment on the wiki. I can only do my work at school and i'm afraid i can't help out the wiki if i don't find out what's causing my computer to do that please help me :(

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  • Viper999

    1.4.5 update

    August 19, 2012 by Viper999

    For those that notice an update for our (mostly) favorite indie game, there are some features that you might have not noticed. Click here for the official details. Don't worry, they have said there was a slight delay for update 1.5, as they are excited to introduce the Avatar Laser Wars ll technology to CMZ.

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  • Viper999


    August 2, 2012 by Viper999

    Can someone please tell me why it won't let me change pictures for the badges?

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  • Skunk99999

    Honestly speaking there ins't much to do in castle Miner Z, what do you think they should add, tell me in the comments.

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  • Viper999

    Deleted page

    June 21, 2012 by Viper999

    Hey Dan or Civilwargeek, which one of you guys deleted the Space Rock page? Just curious because I remembered there was one here.

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  • HAAAAXman

    Biome name: Techno Biome

    Features: New types of blocks and mobs found only in this area of the map, and with the new blocks, new craftable items like lightbulbs, windows, energy weapons(seeing that it would be like a futureistic city with friendly NPCs such as citizens and possibly law enforcement or some kind of militia with all types of basic cqc and firearms), and even simple vehicles.

    Enemies: robotic skeletons which deal 2x damage and instead of bows have a built in smg in theyr arm, cyborg zombies that are twice as fast as the strongest zombie to date and twice as strong and can actually communicate with other cyborg zombies to preform simple tatics like ambushes, and a cyber falcon(cause thats way cooler than a dragon) that can shoot …

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  • Ascendant Awesome
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  • Viper999


    May 28, 2012 by Viper999

    Anyone heard of Roxio game capture? I would want to get it later so I can add more photos to the CastleMiner Wikis, but that will take a while. I also posted this for those that were wondering how to get in-game screenshots without an external camera.

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  • Viper999

    Search Bar

    May 19, 2012 by Viper999

    I don't know if this is happening to you guys, but the Autofill on my search bar for this Wiki isn't working. For those that are confused, it means that the search terms in the drop-out list below when you are typing in the search bar won't show up. Anyone know any remedies to this?

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  • Dan67

    Even though it's not stated or heard if somebody survived the total of 100days yet but the best advice I can offer possible is listed below.

    Keep you and your squad well supplied with all necessary items (bullets,wood,sticks,iron,gold,coal etc)

    Listen to sounds such as skeletons, zombies, dragons and demons so you can kill or avoid them

    Build a house (4x5,3x6 or 10x10 the first number represents length and the second number is width) upgrade the structure once a week or once a day

    Endurance mode difficulty starts to climb each day neither that or it basically starts off hard.

    Remember you have to play 10days in endurance exit and repeat the process till you earn the in-game achievement.

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  • Dan67


    May 7, 2012 by Dan67

    The Archieves feature that i altered during the top navigation was made to quickly go to a certain set of pages scattered through out the wiki, Its a work in progress and i'm hoping that i can make an external link to Castleminer Wiki on the Archieves soon.

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  • Dan67

    new Weapons needed

    April 23, 2012 by Dan67

    Here are some Weapons that i Would love to see in 2.0 Update

    M4A1: Moderate Damage, Moderate Rate of Fire and Good Accuracy

    M240B: 100 Rounds, Fast rate of Fire, High Damage but with Muzzle Climb

    Saiga 12: Semi-automatic Shotgun, Moderate Damage and poor Accurracy

    Claymore: Explosive that Can be placed anywhere (except for Lava) Small Blast Radius

    Gatling Gun: Crafted out of 25Iron and 10copper, Very high damage along with Rate of Fire but with Poor Accurracy

    Also there's some Gadgets or Decor to suggest for the Game

    Metal Door: Reinforced Door Made out of Iron, Behaves like the Wooden Door

    Spikes: a Set of spikes that can kill unwary Mobs or players crafted out of 2 iron and 1wood

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  • Azxcw


    April 18, 2012 by Azxcw


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  • Viper999

    New Challenges

    March 31, 2012 by Viper999

    Hi guys, Viper999 (or DarkViper999 on Xbox Live) here and I'm here to discuss a certain thing I would want on CastleMiner Z, a challenge. Now some of you are looking forward to the next update (unknown to me if it came out already) because of new enviromental features like flowing water being added, but for me, I prefer if they focused on making a more challenging foe, or something that at least gets you out of your camping spot. What do you guys think? An enemy that's unlike anything seen before, maybe a zombie king perhaps, or thunderstorms and tornadoes? Unrealistic, I know, but I easily get bored without something that tests my resolve and skill. Thoughts, anyone?

    Viper999 02:13, April 4, 2012 (UTC)Viper999

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