A player holding a stack of Bullets.

Bullets are needed in order for your guns to shoot. Bullets are loaded into your gun by pressing the Xbutton, and are shot from the gun using the Righttrigger. You can also use the Lefttrigger to zoom in while shooting.

Bullets are crafted using Brass Casings, Rock, and Coal. Brass Casings are crafted using copper bars, and you gain 100 casings per bar.

Bullets have 5 types: Regular, Iron, Gold, Diamond, and Laser (Space) for each is shot from their upgraded weapon. For example, Gold Weapons shoot Iron Bullets, diamond guns shoot gold bullets, Bloodstone weapons shoot Diamond bullets, and Laser bullets are fired in Laser weapons instead of the next tier of weapon.


Standard Issue .45 ACP (Pistol and SMG), 12-gauge Buckshots (Shotgun), and 7.62mm (Rifle, and Assault rifle) rounds are made from Brass Casings, Rock and Coal.

Iron BulletsEdit

With reinforced casings and a sharp point, these military standard-issue rounds can drop some infected quickly but it's a little harder to craft then your usual Bullets. It requires Iron, Coal, and Brass Casings to make these rounds.

Gold BulletsEdit

Reinforced gold shells have sharper point. These upgraded military versions of the iron bullets will hit 3x harder then usual ammo types, but they're even harder to craft because they require an Iron Casing, Coal, and a piece of Gold to make them. Gold Bullets leave a yellow trail when fired; other bullets do this as well but are usually not as noticable.

Diamond BulletsEdit

Sharper, heavier, and more destructive then gold bullets, these diamond bullets can kill anything in the game, but due to the rarity of diamonds found throughout the world, diamond bullets are difficult to keep a steady supply of. It's made out of 1 Gold Casing, Coal, and Diamond

Laser Bullets Edit

Being the highest tier bullets, these bullets are the strongest in the game. Although being very costly, (requiring Space Rock as Bullets and Diamonds as casings) when fired, the impact creates splash damage, destroying any blocks hit. Laser Bullets are also colored, coming in an array of Pink, Blue, Green, Red, Purple , or Yellow.

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