A player holding Brass Casings.

Casings are the prerequisite for bullets. They are generally thought of to be a balancing feature to keep bullets from being too easy to make.

A general rule to follow with bullets is you need x casings to make bullets of the next strongest material that work in a gun made from the next strongest material. Example: You need Iron Casings to make Gold Bullets that are used in Diamond Weapons.

Damage is based off the weapons themselves, and you can't mix and match bullets/casings/weapons.

Brass CasingEdit

These are used in the production of standard bullets and iron bullets, which are used in standard weapons and golden weapons, respectively.

Iron CasingEdit

These are used in the construction of gold bullets, which are used in diamond weapons.

Gold CasingEdit

These are used in the construction of diamond bullets, which are used in bloodstone weapons.
Casing Crafting

The crafting formula for casings.

Diamond CasingEdit

These are constructed with diamonds and are used in all of the laser weapons. 1 Diamond and 1 Space Rock makes 100 bullets no coal required.


  • Real bullet casings are designed to hold bullets in position until fired, and then be ejected from the firing chamber.
  • No matter which gun you have in the game it will always show 9mm casings (as opposed to 7.62mm or 12 Gauge).
  • In eariler times in Castleminer Z you use to get 400 bullets per casing but now you only get 200 bullets per casing in order to make the game more challenging.
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