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CastleMiner Z so far... (2012 edition)

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So far, the year is 2012 and CastleMiner Z is turning out to be a big success thanks to the community for volunteering in playing and even sometimes helping out the game with their edits and insprirations for the game. Anyway, around March 'till the end of April, we're going to have a new enemy type along with some water from the original CastleMiner game and even a new mode that can instantly replace the duplication glitch called "Infinite Resources" as all that new stuff is going to be added in the 1.4 update coming out soon.


CastleMiner Z is awesome so far but we need more people who are eager to help us out. Luckily, we have only a handful of contributors that are helping out this site: R.I.P stands for contributors that have not been active for more than a month. Active stands for those who contribute daily or weekly.

Update 1.4 is Here

The 1.4 update came out March 16th, 2012 to CastleMiner Z and it has changed many things in the game:

  • Graphics are slightly improved
  • New enemy type
  • New game mode
  • Locator and teleporter added to CastleMiner Z

Update 1.42

  • Gives you the option to erase your storage and to change axis invertion and brightness
  • Spawn rate is 5% faster regardless of difficulty
  • Hardcore difficulty still in Survival except for Creative nor Endurance
  • Game description was put in wrong for Dragon Endurance and Free Build
  • Free Build was removed, replaced with 'No Enemies' mode for Survival and Creative

Update 1.4.4

  • Allows you to optimize and erase your storage
  • Zoom is slightly increased for all guns except for the Pistol and shotgun

Update 1.4.5

  • Multiplayer count increase from 4-8, prepare to become a leader
  • Invisible avatar glitch patched
  • Game mode descriptions fixed and difficulty descriptions added
  • Shadowing bug fixed

Update 1.4.6

  • Released patch notes
  • Minor bug fixes

Update 1.5

  • New biome added
  • New weapons added
  • New block and ore added
  • New enemy added: "Alien"
  • Dragons have slightly more health and do slightly more damage
  • Zombie do slightly more damage, health remains the same

Update 1.5.1

  • Issues dealing with lag fixed