Castle Miner Z Wiki

Coal is found in all biomes, dotted throughout the rock beneath the ground. It is mostly found on Mountains or in Caves, but it can also be found on the Vertigo Forest and outside caves as well as in small rock formations. It is one of the most valuable items in CastleMiner Z, as it makes Torches, Lanterns, Bullets and turns all ores into bars. It is also one of the most frequently found items (veins of coal can get very large), especially out of all mineable ores (although it isn't actually an ore, but a resource, and is unplaceable as a block.)

A player prepares to mine Coal.

Coal is like any other ore, a block of rock with different details to it. It has black sections over it, and the word "Coal" will be shown when hovering over it. It is mineable with any type of pickaxe.


  • In certain situations, it's helpful to use Logs to conserve coal for better uses.
  • Conversly, in farther biomes from the center, such as the Descent Biome (aka Miner's Paradise) and Hell on Earth where there are no trees, coal is a more tactical choice for crafting, preserving wood for use in creating tools and such.
  • While stone blocks can be mined with bare hands, coal ore has to be mined with at least a Stone Pickaxe.