Castle Miner Z Wiki

Up close view of a demon.

Fighting the demon (lower-class weapons like the common pistol won't kill it). Teamwork is recommended.

Xbox 360:

The demon is a resilient enemy capable of taking heavy fire and does the same damage as most zombies. It's seen in hell, and often at times it will taunt the player with a demonic laugh before approaching. It's quite easy to kill with a fully upgraded weapon, but due to a bug, the demon pauses for a moment after getting damaged. It also seems to not have a good jumping ability.

It can spawn hell or on the surface at random, the demon tends to walk towards players, but will run if the player gets too far from it.

PC (Steam):

The exact same information from the Xbox 360 version also applies to the PC (Steam) version (currently although the model of the demon is massive (and in-game it was renamed to the "Hell Lord", even though the hitbox is still the same as the demon from the Xbox 360 version.) Shooting the open space in-between the knees and lower legs is the best way to kill it on PC until DigitalDNA fixes this known bug.