Castleminer z demon

Up close view of a Demon.

Cmz demon

Fighting the demon (lower-class weapons like the common pistol won't kill it). Teamwork is recommended.

The demon is a heavy ground unit capable of taking heavy fire and does the same damage as most zombies. It's seen in hell, and often at times it will taunt the player with a demonic laugh before approaching. So far, it's easy to kill with a fully upgraded weapon. Due to a bug, a demon pauses for a moment after getting damaged. It also seems to not have a good jumping ability.
  • Biome- Hell/Underworld
  • Distance- 3500 distance or go 40 blocks below the world
  • Health- 9 hearts (surprisingly can withstand some bloodstone weapons)
  • Movement Speed- Slow; mostly walking
  • Damage- 3-4 hearts per hit
  • Enemy type- Heavy ground
  • Spawning- Rare (only seen in hell, but in the 1.5 update, demons will spawn on the surface if hell has been reached.)