A door found in CastleMiner Z.

are new to CastleMiner Z from its prequel, CastleMiner. You can craft a door out of 10 wood and 1 iron. You can open and close a door by highlighting the door and pressing Bbutton. Doors are used to keep undead from bothering a player while they're crafting meaning if the a house has a door the player won't get attacked unless a careless teammate opens the door during a zombie invasion.

Trivia Edit

  • There's only one version of the door, and it's the wooden door (shown in the thumbnail) in CastleMiner Z.
  • Common Undead can breach through Doors.
  • Doors can be destroyed by Dragons or by the Player using a Pickaxe on the door.
  • Doors can prevent the undead from entering key positions until they destroy it or until someone opens the door.
  • Doors let in a certain amount of light when closed (because of it's window), but it lets in even more light when opened.
  • When a Door is destroyed, the item it drops is as large as an actual door, which should be smaller because blocks "shrink" when they are mined and go to a form that is able to be picked up.