Castle Miner Z Wiki

Endurance is a gamemode in CastleMiner Z that involves the player to keep running as far from the start as Possible for the Player or for the entire squad. Some may consider this gamemode as the 'campaign', or main gamemode in CastleMiner Z. In this gamemode, players cannot teleport, and a 20-second respawn timer is added instead of instant respawn. Players, whether invited or matchmade, cannot join an endurance game after the first night has past ('The game has begun - No other players can join' will appeaer to notify you).


In this mode, you try to get as far away from your spawn point as possible. Day and Night still exists, but Zombies will spawn in daylight as well as night, making daytime slightly more safe, as there is light for the player (Zombies still won't spawn in torchlight). You will start with your usual survival inventory and also an extra 200 bullets. While survival is not a goal, it is still recommended, as is mining so the player can acquire better weapons and get farther, safer. This is the only gametype that gives the player awards.


  • Unlike other Gamemodes, this Gamemode uses more realistic settings. For example: you can't teleport, and once your squad is wiped out it resets the game back to Day 1.
  • Its the second Hardest Game mode in Castleminer Z which involves no teleportation, a spawn timer for 20 seconds and it also prevents other players from joining the game.
  • It is highly recommended to play a few games of survival on Normal difficulty in order to gain skills to beat Endurance.