Guidelines for how to speak in Castle Miner Z MultiplayerEdit

Rip headphones

Dont make this game suck. Try to be cool.

Here are some common guidlines for how you should speak wth others in a multiplayer game.

Private server rules:Edit

If you are at a Private or friends server you probably can talk about whatever is considered appropriate.

Public server rules:Edit

If you are on a Public server dont try to make racist jokes and other mean things , please.

Please dont try to make annoying sounds, e.g. blowing into your microphone or something like this.

Its not nice when you have music in the background as it often annoys other Players.

Try to speak the language spoken by the majority of your game.

Things to do with a headset in CastleMiner Z:Edit

Well a headset can be useful if for cooperation and teamwork. You can ask other players if they will give materials to you but remember, dont be annoying!