Cmz damage

Taking damage (notice the missing hearts and flashing red screen).


Health bar (supposed to be 10 hearts)

Health Bar

Health Seen in the PC Edition of the Game

Health determines the vitality of the player throughout the game. A player is set with a total of 10 hearts, and will lose some as they become exposed to hazards such as Zombie melees, deep lava, arrows, Dragon blasts, self-inflicted explosions, or fall damage. The player is killed when all hearts have been depleted, and will then respawn at the Beacon Tower. The player will also lose all inventory items, with the exception of those located within the hotbar (does not apply to Hardcore Mode).

The hearts will rapidly regenerate within 3 seconds if no further damage is being inflicted on the player. As the player's health is reduced, the screen will produce a red haze that will gradually intensify if more damage is taken.

Player Hurt

Taking Damge (Same as the Xbox Version instead of flashing red, it stays red until your health Regenerates

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