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Lantern Land on The PC edition of the game

Lantern Land is a "biome" reachable by traveling very, very long distances in CastleMiner Z. It is typically reached at around 46,000m from spawn.

There are only lanterns in this biome atop a massive bedrock wall. Sometimes there can be extra bedrock wall layers further on put in

Showing off how massive the wall really is.

by the developers to stop players from traveling so far, which can be passed by finding a corner in the wall and simply walking into it with auto climb (as very far distances starts causing animations, auto climb, and rendering to start having a heart attack), or just by building up.

100,075 was the fourth longest recorded distance on CastleMiner Z. It was accomplished by two friends in Freebuild and posted onto YouTube (however, the video has been taken down).

The third longest distance (and only one still on YouTube) is 1,000,000 accomplished by Sickdistic.

The second longest distance achieved is 3,430,000 by TheMadmanIsBack. Currently there is no video proof of this.

After that, the first longest distance recorded is now 10,676,056 on CastleMiner Z, obtained by M3RKFREEZA. Reaching this distance corrupts your save data, making your world innaccessable.

Lantern Land.

It is NOT recommended to travel here in Easy, Normal or Hardcore difficulty as zombies and skeletons will approach within a split-second and it will sound like a rock concert.