Castle Miner Z Wiki

Survival is a game mode in CastleMiner Z that can be played with up to 8 players or done solo. The main objective of Survival is to withstand as many attacks as you can from the Undead day after day without having you or your entire squad killed. The game resets itself after either you (in single player) or the entire squad (in multiplayer) is killed.


Difficulty Levels

There are four difficulty levels in Survival Mode:

  • No Enemies: Similar to Creative, but without unlimited resources.
  • Easy: "A Walk in the Park": Zombies and skeletons spawn less and only at night. Dragons and demons take longer to spawn.
  • Normal: Skeletons and zombies spawn in daylight while exploring new land. Items are lost from main inventory—but not the hotbar—upon death.
  • Hard: For the "FPS masters only": All mobs spawn more frequently.