A generic Xbox Live Avatar

Appearance Edit

The chay as has the same appearance as your Xbox Live Avatar, but there is no way to go into third person view to view yourself. The most of your avatar that you can see is your hands when you have your bare hands equipped. Your avatar is approximately 6 feet (2 meters) tall because he/she is as tall as 2 blocks, which are 3 feet (1 meter) each. The type of clothing your avatar wears (e.g. armor, costume, etc.) does not affect how your player behaves or how much damage they can deal and receive in-game. Also, props that are equipped on your avatar are not seen.

Physics Edit

There are various physics involved with your player and they are very defined. Abutton. The player can jump exactly 2 blocks vertically. This is equivalent to have a vertical jump distance of 6 feet (2 meters). The average vertical jump of a human is approximately 24 inches (⅔ of a meter). That means that the player can jump 3x the average vertical jump in real life. With auto-climbing turned on, the player can jump and then climb a block making the jump worth 3 blocks (9 meters).

Friendly Fire Edit

DigitalDNA Studios didn't implement friendly fire in Castleminer Z. One reason to not have friendly fire is that the game focuses on teamwork and not every man for himself. Players cannot kill each other no matter what they do unless they were killed by frag grenades, Rockets, C4 and TNT. Bullets lasers do no damage to other players, instead phasing through the avatar like Air.


  • Your Character is shown reloading their gun more than once in 3rd person
  • Weapons like the assualt rifle, shotgun, RPG, rifle and laser rifle seem to phase through your character's shoulder when aiming.