CMZ Torches

Torches can be used to light up dark areas and to prevent the Undead from spawning upon it.

Torches are a craftable item in CastleMiner Z. 16 of them are among the first items included in a player's hotbar upon spawning in a world. They are used to light areas in a small radius. Torches are the lowest tier of lighting and are outclassed by Lanterns and even Lava in terms of light emitted. They can be placed on any surface, even upside down. Torches are also an ingredient in lantern crafting. It is recommended to always have a surplus of torches when mining in caves, or roaming the surface at night.

A set of torches requires one wood stick and one coal.


It is recommended to place torches outside of your door to prevent Undead from spawning outside of it.

Being a non-solid block, torches will not stop undead from spawning on materials such as sand, grass, and bloodstone. However, they will stop undead from spawning on all other materials, like rock or walls (within the lit perimeter).
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Torches galore!