A player wielding an axe that chopped down a tree.

Trees are found anywhere in the Forest or the Vertigo Forest biomes. They are the only source of Logs in the game and are also covered in Leaves, which serve no purpose other than aesthetic. Each Log block gives the player four Wood (when crafted). The average tree has 5 blocks of Log, though others have more, some of the largest having around 12. Trees are useful for the player, and it is advised to build close to the Forest or Vertigo Forest biomes in order to have a ready supply of logs. After depleting a tree of its logs, its leaves remain suspended in air until destroyed.

Trees are the primary source of wood to create wood sticks, with the only other alternate source being wood blocks dropped by mobs. Players are advised to keep their distance from trees when in combat with dragons, as the fire ball blasts may destroy any in range.
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Trees, as seen in the original Castle Miner