Heya guys I would like to state that my youtube channel is Spiroclone gaming so head there for some  tutorials anyway... I would like to have in castleminer z MOAR WEPONS and better rpgs maybe a mounted turret  And maybe a helicopter .oh before i forget none of this is confirmed just something i would like. And maye like aliens have a sort of boss coz it would be more like aliens! and also maybe horses ect ect ect I would only like to add to this wiki as castleminer z is the main attraction to my channel anyway i am not trying to spam i am just saying There will be more stuff on my channel plus i will do anything on my channel and then whatever i find out i will share with the wiki  Please help me kill the undead dragon + if you want i will put it on youtube me and my friends are okay but we need help my gamertag is spiroclone and 4 last words